Mykonos the island

Mykonos is a South Aegean island, part of the Cyclades island formation. Chora, located in the western side, is the glamorous capital of the island with the mills and the Little Venice as its trademark. Mykonos has a population of 10.134 inhabitants based on the 2011 census. The island spans an area of 86,125 square kilometers and has a coast line of 89 kilometers.

Mykonos, Delos, Rineia & several uninhabited islets form an island cluster. Mykonos has been inhabited since the 5th millennium BC (Neolithic settlement of Ftelia) and it is characterized by a long and rich history. Since the 50’s Mykonos has been a symbol of cosmopolitan and luxurious vacations and it is one of the most world-renowned Greek travel destinations.

At the very first sight visitors are impressed and captured by Chora’s (means the Town in Greek) stunning position and wonderful architecture. The Aegean sunlight, the austerity of the Cycladic landscape and the playful frolic between shades of white and cyan still enchant the visitors. Even though there has been a great tourism development in the area, Chora still maintains its Cycladic characteristics and its traditional features.

White, cubic settlements are shining under Apollo’s light, perfectly located in the numerous, whitewashed & cobbled alleys. A little further, the wind mills perched on the hill, stand still for centuries creating a fantastic scenery combined with the Greek Church belfries. At the port a colorful group of wooden sailing boats accentuate to this unique atmosphere of the island.

Hundreds of celebrities, members of the international jet set, artists, intellectuals, ship owners and politicians have all strolled through the alleys of Chora partying till the break of dawn or they have moored their yachts in the island’s bays with the exquisite crystal clear waters, experiencing unforgettable moments. The island’s visitors can have fun and dance at its beach bars and clubs, shop at its luxury stores and art venues and experience unforgettable moments by enjoying the unique sunlight of Mykonos that was praised by many poets. Its wonderful beaches, which are considered to be among the most beautiful ones of the Aegean, make the island stand out from the rest.

In Chora of Mykonos one can find exquisite hotels, branded stores, jewelry shops, galleries and some of the most well-known restaurants and bars in Greece. You can drink your coffee, ouzo & taste local specialties while watching visitors strolling around in the white alleys of the town. One can say that international fashion trends are firstly presented in Mykonos. Also in Chora one can find all kinds of information concerning bus schedules, travel agencies and generally all the means to help you visit every corner of the island and make your stay in Mykonos unforgettable.

Moreover nothing can compare to the emotions felt as one approaches the ruins of ancient Delos. This small island, scattered with antiquities, is bathed in the magnificent Aegean light. Delos is accredited worldwide as one of the most important and impressive archaeological sites of Greece. The entire island is an archaeological site and has been included on the World Heritage Sites list of UNESCO since 1990. Although it is one of the smallest islands of the Aegean, it used to be the most famous and the most sacred one during the ancient (classical) times because, according to the legend, it was there that Apollo-Sun, god of the daylight, and Artemis-Moon, goddess of the nightlight, were born. So the light that has always been the most precious good for the Greeks was born in Delos.